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  1. sth says:

    Really cool, and a lot going on development-wise – great work!

    BTW, what are your plans for improving the economy and building interface? Some ideas that might come in handy:
    – Heatmaps in the editor to quickly see what could be changed/improved in the ship’s design
    – by module level (see what red stuff I am still carrying around etc)
    – by weight (see where I could gain speed by using a lighter module)
    – by energy generation, by damage output, by impulse strength, by …
    – Sorting of the modules list, both in the editor (by cost, by type, by update level, by color, by pickup age, …) and in the shops. Would save lots of time selling all the stuff you don’t want to use anyway (e.g. I’m in a full missile build so I will sell any other weapons at once)

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      I like the idea of adding heatmaps which provide additional info. While I’m at it, I could also arrange the visibility of the key bindings and the blocked squares a bit more logically. Maybe I can add come other cool heatmaps too.
      I’ll also add sorting to the todo list.
      Cheers, Mirko

      1. sth says:

        sounds great, thanks a lot 🙂

      2. sth says:

        And it’s already implemented I just noticed – wow, faster than the speed of light 🙂

  2. Klaus Thorn says:

    thanks a lot for all the work!

    You seem to balance the cloaking device by defining when it turns off.
    This limits you to only a few options and limits the players in how the device may be used.

    Instead I suggest to balance the cloaking device entirely by its runtime costs: energy use, modules size, weight.

    I want to point out that your implementation of a visible “estimated position” offers great potential. Because instead of turning the cloaking device off (on firing/being hit), you could instead update the estimated position. Then the player is not distracted by turning the device on again but can just try to maneuver away from this dangerous position by steering his ship. He is busy steering his ship anyway so this would be a more seamless addition of tension and motivation for better maneuvering and tactics during battle.

    1. Sounds good, I’ll experiment with changing the way cloaking costs work. Thanks!

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