Player Metric Analysis

In today’s live stream I started to analyse the behaviour of BossConstructor players based on the metric tracking I implemented in one of the latest patches. Since I have only data for four days so far there is not a lot I can conclude yet, but there are still some interesting statistics on what type of explorations players choose to play.

Most people seem to play the game on the normal or easy modes. Maybe the game is a bit too challenging in its current state…

While about half of the players play on the normal galaxy size, some players seem to enjoy the huge galaxies.

Starting ships
Currently the speed based Alpha ship seems to be most popular with about 250 games started.

Bonus packs
The weapon and utility bonus packs seem to be most popular at the moment. Hardly anyone seems to use the energy pack at the moment.

This descriptive analysis is only the start of what I intend to do using the data I have collected but it is already very insightful to me. Apparently the game is very challenging to many players and maybe I will need to decrease the difficulty level a bit.

As I collect more and more data, both the quality of these analyses and the the number of questions I can answer using it will increase. I will keep you up to date!

If you are interested in this topic, you can watch the recording of the live stream here (unfortunately the server was somewhat unreliable at the time of recordin):

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