New Video and FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the game and your comments. I would like to use this update to address the most frequent questions as well as to link you to a new video showing the ‘spaceship evolution arena’.

Many people have brought up the issue of the name ‘BossConstructor’. The original idea behind the game was to allow the player to build a huge boss enemy ship as you encounter them in old-style shooter games like r-Type, hence to ‘construct your own boss’. However, I do see how the name is a little far-fetched and can be very confusing. I doubt that it is easy to change the name at this point but I do consider doing so in the future.

Ship Modules
The modules which you can use to build your ship will allow you to use different strategies to take down your enemies and to conduct non-combat missions. Modules which are already half-finished at the moment include a shield module, a carrier module (which works like the Protoss carriers in StarCraft) and a deck crane module (which allows you to collect resources from asteroids). I also intend to create modules which allow you to transform your ship during battle.

As an indie developer my resources are, unfortunately, very limited. True multiplayer is rather complicated to implement as it requires net code, complex error handling mechanisms as well as server code and maintenance. For now, I would therefore rather concentrate on creating a convincing single player experience.

End Game Content
The game will contain an endless/survival mode in which you can explore a procedurally generated universe inhabited by unique species of evolved enemies (see video). You will gather resources, research or loot new modules for your ship and gradually become more powerful and face more difficult enemies. Big thanks to Eschaton, who provided a lot of inspiration and a rich story for this part!

Video: Spaceship Evolution Arena
The evolution arena is basically a deathmatch game mode in which AI-controlled ships fight each other. Every time a ship is destroyed, it is replaced by a mutation of one of the remaining ships. As more successful ships are more likely to ‘reproduce’, this results in an evolutionary process which slowly turns out ships which are more efficient in combat.

This video shows how the evolution arena works:

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  1. Heliocid says:

    I really can’t wait to see the game on steam. I’m buying it as soon as it gets past greenlight. I’d also love to see more videos in the closest future.

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