Current State of BossConstructor Part 1/2

Many people have asked me how far the development of BossConstructor has progressed so far and when they can finally get their hands on it. In order to bring you up to speed I decided to write two bite-sized posts on the current state of the development. 🙂

This week I will focus on the aspects that I feel are most complete and functional at the moment. Next week I will elaborate on the parts which still require some (or in some cases a lot of) additional work.



The hangar shows a list of the ships you have already built. You can see a small preview for each ship and filter the list by applying different search criteria to quickly find a suitable ship for the next mission. The hangar works very nicely already, so I would say that this part is about 90% complete at this point.



The Editor is one of the most complex and important parts of the game and I have been spending a lot of time on it lately. The basic design of the ship can now be changed by dragging and dropping modules from the inventory or within the ship. Each active module (weapons, propulsion etc.) can then be bound to one or more keys by selecting the module and pressing the desired key.
The editor provides lots of statistics both on individual modules (energy consumption, cost etc.) as well as and the whole ship (maximum speed, peak DPS etc.). All things considered, I would say that the editor is also rather complete.

Test arena


The test arena allows you to quickly jump into a game and test the ship you have just built. The arena consists of a rectangular area of medium size and includes some stationary and unarmed practice targets to – you know – blow up into tiny pieces. 🙂
It is pretty basic, really, but for now I think that it is largely sufficient. Later on I might add some more features.



Every time a ship is tested or a mission is played, the game is automatically recorded and can be watched at a later point. Both the recording and playback already work pretty fine and will be an important feature of the game.



The settings menu allows you to change the display and sound settings and is largely functional already. Some of the settings require you to restart the game which is sort of inconvenient and it doesn’t really look very nice at the moment, so I guess I will spend some time making it look more pretty.

Conclusion of part 1
These are the five parts of the game which are already in a very complete state. Next week I will elaborate more on the parts which are still in development and the parts I am not so sure about.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hrsch says:

    Whats going on? I’m really excited about the second part of the current state.

    1. Thank you for the message! I am sorry for the delay, the second part should be up by now!

  2. Charl van Staden says:

    Hey, it’s me from a while ago :P. Please can I buy a beta/alpha version 🙂 I played a version from January 2011 yesterday on a magazine disc and I really enjoyed it. Also, If you need help setting up a website I will host it on my server and set it up for you at no charge.

    1. Hi, thank you for your message and your kind offer! The problem is that I don’t want to release a version that is buggy and unrepresentative of what I want to do with the BC. That being said, I am aiming towards releasing something in about 2-3 months. So, please be patient 🙂

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